Warm hands, regardless of the weather!
Controlled directly via the speedometer menu, so no additional switch is required.

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Article No.DescriptionModel yearModel variant
F9975T21290 Super Duke R 20202020US
F9903T51290 Super Adventure S 20202020EU
F9960Q21290 Super Duke R 20172017AU
F9975S41290 Super Adventure S 20192019US
F9987T51290 Super Adventure S 20202020CN
F9975T51290 Super Adventure S 20202020US
F9987S41290 Super Adventure S 20192019CN
F9960R91290 SUPER DUKE R 20182018AU
F9960R21290 SUPER DUKE R 20182018AU
F9903T91290 Super Duke R 20202020EU
F9975S91290 Super Duke R 20192019US
F9903T61290 Super Adventure R 20202020EU
F9960R51290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018AU
F9975R21290 SUPER DUKE R 20182018US
F9903S41290 Super Adventure S 20192019EU
F9986R71290 SUPER ADVENTURE R 20182018JP
F9903R91290 SUPER DUKE R 20182018EU
F9903Q51290 Super Adventure S 20172017EU
F9975Q21290 Super Duke R 20172017US
F9986S21290 Super Duke R 20192019JP
F9903Q91290 Super Duke R 20172017EU
F9975Q61290 Super Adventure R 20172017US
F9903Q41290 Super Adventure S 20172017EU
F9975R51290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018US
F9903R21290 SUPER DUKE R 20182018EU
F9987S71290 Super Adventure R 20192019CN
F9903T41290 Super Adventure S 20202020EU
F9903S21290 Super Duke R 20192019EU
F9903R41290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018EU
F9986T41290 Super Adventure S 20202020JP
F9986T21290 Super Duke R 20202020JP
F9975T71290 Super Adventure R 20202020US
F9903Q21290 Super Duke R 20172017EU
F9903S71290 Super Adventure R 20192019EU
F9975S71290 Super Adventure R 20192019US
F9903Q71290 Super Adventure R 20172017EU
F9903S91290 Super Duke R 20192019EU
F9987T41290 Super Adventure S 20202020CN
F9975R41290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018US
F9903S61290 Super Adventure R 20192019EU
F9903QL1290 Super Duke R 20172017EU
F9960Q41290 Super Adventure S 20172017AU
F9975S21290 Super Duke R 20192019US
F9903T21290 Super Duke R 20202020EU
F9987R41290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018CN
F9986Q21290 Super Duke R 20172017JP
F9960Q91290 Super Duke R 20172017AU
F9975S51290 Super Adventure S 20192019US
F9903R61290 SUPER ADVENTURE R 20182018EU
F9986Q41290 Super Adventure S 20172017JP
F9903S51290 Super Adventure S 20192019EU
F9975T91290 Super Duke R 20202020US
F9975R91290 SUPER DUKE R 20182018US
F9975T41290 Super Adventure S 20202020US
F9960R71290 SUPER ADVENTURE R 20182018AU
F9987T71290 Super Adventure R 20202020CN
F9987Q41290 Super Adventure S 20172017CN
F9975Q91290 Super Duke R 20172017US
F9986S41290 Super Adventure S 20192019JP
F9923Q21290 Super Duke R 20172017FR
F9903R71290 SUPER ADVENTURE R 20182018EU
F9960Q61290 Super Adventure R 20172017AU
F9903T71290 Super Adventure R 20202020EU
F9986R21290 SUPER DUKE R 20182018JP
F9986Q91290 Super Duke R 20172017JP
F9986R41290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018JP
F9903R51290 SUPER ADVENTURE S 20182018EU
F9923Q91290 Super Duke R 20172017FR
F9975R61290 SUPER ADVENTURE R 20182018US
F9903Q61290 Super Adventure R 20172017EU
F9986S71290 Super Adventure R 20192019JP
F9986Q61290 Super Adventure R 20172017JP
F9986T71290 Super Adventure R 20202020JP
F9987Q91290 Super Duke R 20172017CN